❝In 2001 I attended an audition and became the 4th addition to the busted 1st edition. After 24 hours, those frick’ busted bastards, kicked me out and told me I was not what the’re after. But I’d have done the same if I was in their position, but I’d kecked the one out ith the eyebrow condition.
The wasn’t the end, no it didn’t stop there, in 2003 up in bolton somewhere… I met someone with talent oozing out of his bones, that’s right folks he was called Danny Jones. His skills on the guittar reallye are quite insane, but what balances his talent is his microscopic brain. He agreed that him and me should write a bunch of songs, so we got a record deal and here’s where it goes wrong. We held an audition and 2 guys came along called Dougie and Harry and that’s how McFly was born…❞ - Tom Fletcher at McFly, the musical.